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  • Address: Taihu West Rd No.2168, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, CHINA.

Founded in 2007 as Kent Precision CO., Ltd. a company dedicated for import and export industrial machines and equipment, as well precision parts on several areas. We starts to export heavy duty stud welding machines in 2009, and thanks to good acceptance of the services and mostly because high performance of our machines, we expanded our business specifically on this area.

In 2011 we create a division specifically to promote our stud welding products, and we also starts to manufacture and provide high quality shear connectors on all the standards, and subsequently attending our customers demands, we starts to supply several kinds of studs.

In 2015, after all these years of professional services, developing and manufacturing products, reducing cost and improving quality of our full range of stud welding products, we decide to create SOLID STUD WELDING, doing our best to assist and satisfy our customers from more them 20 countries, which include, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, India, Dubai, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.

Solid Stud Welding Machines and accessoriesare designed and manufactured to work all kind of work condition. Our i-series Draw Arc Stud Welders have one of the most advanced inverter technology, imported components as main power components, guaranteeing high quality and providing excellent operation performance. Compared with ordinary stud welders, they feature lighter weight, lower power consumption, more sensitive adjustment and lower fault rate with very stable performance even under the lowest voltage working conditions.

Shear connectors manufactured according ISO13918, AWS D1.1, JIS B 1198, BS 5400, GB10433, as well ceramic rings, threaded studs, Anchors, CD studs, SC studs, and special studs according customer request.

Strict material control and processing quality control to ensure each pieces of studs are in accordance with our quality specification.

Solid stud welding is working for its reputation, by product quality and service.

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